AC/ Air ConditionerEnjoy Your Bedroom With An AC Installation This Summer

The summer has finally rolled around for us again, and we are dusting off our air conditioners! Gone are the days of sweltering inside our homes! Air conditioners have become a necessity versus the luxury they once were. Even now, people who have smaller areas are enjoying the cool air of an AC.

Just as our air conditioner technology has changed, so has the outlook on smaller spaces. Many people have joined the tiny house movement that allows them to live in efficient homes, while still enjoying the comforts of a larger home.

The tiny house movement has become popular because of the idea that you can live comfortably without excess. Though many people are not ready to make the leap of buying a new tiny house, they are downgrading to space the size of a bedroom.

With the downgraded space size, comes new and innovative ways of cooling the space. In an area that is more condensed, you no longer need a central air system that would be costly and unnecessary. We have outlined below the most popular AC options for small areas- just in case you’re ready to join the movement!

Try a Portable AC

portableairconditionersPortable air conditioners are your first option if you live in a small space with average summer temperatures. A portable AC is a great alternative for window units.

Many people who rent apartments, or live in condos, opt for this option as most of these residential buildings have regulations that do not allow window units.

As an added bonus, as portable AC’s do not go in the window, you gain a lot of natural light that would otherwise be restricted. Portable AC’s are also fairly easy to install, they can be moved easily (most models are on wheels) and are cost-friendly.

These portable systems will cool a bedroom size area by simply running a hose out the window. Like every option, however, there are some drawbacks to portable air conditioners. First, they are not appropriate for large areas or regions that are above the “average” hot temperatures for a lot of the year.

They can also be more costly to run, and they do take up space in an already limited area. In the right situation, many people have found this option to be perfect for their needs!

Ductless HVAC System

ductlesshvacsystemThe second option for smaller spaces is the ductless HVAC system. This is great for regulating the temperature in a certain area. A ductless HVAC system (also known as a mini-split system) is basically a central air system without the ducts.

This is going to allow you to spot cool certain areas. With a duct air conditioner, the unit itself (that contains the refrigerant coils) is located in the room or space you wish to cool.

In a traditional HVAC system, the portion of the system that actually cools your air is generally located in the basement or attic. This makes it necessary for ducts to distribute the cool air throughout your space. Not only can ductless systems be more user-friendly in smaller areas, but they are also more cost-efficient to install and repair versus a central HVAC system.

These units will also eliminate the dust and allergens duct systems that can collect and push through into your air. Ductless HVAC systems have become very popular for bedroom cooling in hot regions; as they are powerful enough for that climate.

Smart Thermostats Are The Way To Go

smartthermostatsA third great option is to opt for a smart thermostat to control your system. Though the popular trend is to go smaller, it is also to go smarter!

Smart homes are starting to dominate, and with it comes some great advances to technology. Smart thermostats are a great example of our growing smart home technology.

Smart thermostats give you the ability to control your air conditioner from an app. It will allow you to keep your home warmer while you are at work, then cool off before you arrive home. This technology is saving on energy costs, and allowing people to feel more comfortable.

Smart thermostats even have features such as vacation mode, so you can have control while you are away. You can also connect your thermostat to run with other smart features. You could potentially turn on the lights, turn down the AC, and preheat the oven 15 minutes before you get home!

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