Air QualityMarch 21, 2019Don’t Let Spring Allergies Get The Best of You

Spring is near and with the bloom of beautiful new blossoms comes the onslaught of seasonal allergies. For the allergy-prone, that means miserable days despite the sunshine and flowering foliage. But this year, don’t let those allergies slow you down.

Here we have 3 ways you can prevent your allergies from ruining your spring. With a little planning and some regular indoor air quality control, you can avoid spring allergies and enjoy a more comfortable change in season!

Is it a Cold or Allergy symptom?

allergysymptomsIn order to treat your allergies, you must first know how to recognize them. it’s common for people to mistake a cold for allergy symptoms as they share many of the same characteristics; stuffy head and nose and an overall drowsy feeling come with both of them.

So how do you distinguish between the two? First of all, with allergies, you almost often incur itchiness of the mouth, throat, and/or eyes whereas with a cold you may have coughing and congestion without those other symptoms.

The truth is really in the snot (sorry we had to go there!) With allergies you are usually dealing with a clear, runny nose as with a cold it’s usually a thicker, greener mucus. Allergies are also more persistent and last longer versus a cold which should go away within 7-10 days.

Duct Cleaning & Why It’s Important

homecleaningSo now that you’re able to distinguish between your cold and your allergies let’s do something to prevent the allergies from ever even occurring. One of the ways to keep your allergies from sneaking up is to clean your air ducts.

Your air ducts can get clogged with debris including dust mites, dirt, and other pollutants in your home. It’s important to have them cleaned to completely rid your home of these allergens and to prevent them from recirculating through your home, or worse, completely clogging the ducts.

While your air ducts are often out of sight and out of mind, they’re the main driving force behind your air conditioner. By keeping up with maintenance and replacing your air filter regularly, you can have clean air ducts easily!

When to Call Professional Services

professionalservicesAnother great way to have your home checked before allergy season hits is to call in the professionals. By relying on the experts you can make sure that your home is prepared for the coming allergy season.

Among many of the items they can help with, they can check your filters and HVAC system, clean your air vents and ducts, and/or look for leaks and seal them if necessary. These preventative measures will help you keep dust, mold, dirt, and other allergens out of your house and help keep the allergies at bay this season.

So this allergy season doesn’t let the allergens bring you down. Make sure you take the steps, like duct cleaning, to provide yourself and your family a cleaner, safer home with allergen-free air. And if you need help, be sure to trust our experts at Torch Service Company – we are your Owasso AC specialists.