Leak Detection/ RepairExplore the Most Common Reasons for Water Leaks in the Home

April 19, 2018

Common signs of water leaks include rising water bills without explanation, mold growth, pooling water, sounds of water rushing behind the walls and dropping water pressure. Do any of these sound familiar?

You may have a water leak on your hand, and you should call for emergency water leak detection and possibly water leak repair. It’s a good idea to be on the lookout to prevent water leaks from happening, as most water leaks can be traced back to a handful of causes. Here are how and why most water leaks begin.

Reduce Your Water Pressure

Water PressureNo question, there is nothing like the feeling of a strong, hot shower, or the convenience of being able to fill your pots quickly from the tap when you are cooking.

However, that strong water is also doing serious damage to your pipes. The force that it moves with can dent and break your piping to the point where it causes leaks.

Don’t let this happen to you. Check your water pressure regularly. Recalibrate it so that it rests in the 45-60 psi range, which should let you still have a steady shower, but protect your pipes.

Avoid Corrosion

corrosionrustOne of the biggest threats to your pipes is corrosion. Corrosion attacks the pipes and causes them to decay and leak.

You are even more vulnerable if your pipes are made of copper or if your water has a high concentration of minerals. There are a number of things that you do to avoid this from happening.

Replace copper piping with PVC, which is more durable and resistant to rust. Run the water often to flush out sediment. Don’t let the water run too hot, which can speed up the corrosive process.

Water Impurities

Water QualityIf your water is full of impurities, not only does this threaten your family’s health, it can threaten your pipes too. These same impurities attach themselves to your pipe walls and will eventually cause decay and leaks.

Avoid this by installing a whole home water filtration or water softener system which will keep those impurities out of your body and out of your pipes.

Old Pipes

Older PipesLike everything else in your Owasso, OK, your plumbing ages and will break down over time.

After a certain age, pipes are more vulnerable to breakage and subsequent leaks. If your home is older, call for an inspection and leak detection to see if it is time to upgrade your system.

Want to learn more about how preventative maintenance can help reduce your water bills and prolong the life of your plumbing systems? Just ask us!