Drain CleaningPrevent Unpleasant Smells and Clean Your Drains

August 22, 2018

Nobody likes the idea of having to clean their drains, but the smells that can be produced by unclean drains mean it’s more than worthwhile for every homeowner to tackle this chore regularly.

There are actually several causes of unpleasant drain odors, and today we’re going to talk about what the smells are, how you can prevent them, and the importance of clean drains for a clean house.

Start by Contacting an Owasso, OK Professional for Help

“whattodo”Drain cleaning is a regular household task that homeowners can tackle most of the time, but the problem is that there are some instances when unpleasant drain smells are caused by something that’s not easily remedied with DIY measures.

For example, this could include a blockage with a gas venting pipe, which will need to be assessed or addressed by a professional. Similarly, if your home isn’t equipped with the right venting pipes, then drain odors might always be a problem until an expert can provide a permanent solution.

Beyond that, professionals can also help you determine the real cause of your drain odors, and they will give a thorough drain cleaning and some tips on how to prevent future plumbing smells from invading your otherwise clean home.

Clean Your Drains to Remove Odor-Causing Particles & Sulfur

“sulfur”Clean drains are odor-free drains, and organic matter caught in the pipes is the cause of smells coming from your plumbing. For example, kitchen drains are prone to odors from decomposing food particles, grease, and sulfur which get stuck to the pipes.

Similarly, bathroom smells are often the result of hair and soap that’s gotten clogged in the drain, and when they break down, they create unpleasant odors. Mold is another common odor source in plumbing systems because it loves growing in damp and dark areas.

When you’ve got mold in your pipes, you’ll notice a musty smell coming from the drains. With all of these problems, thorough and regular drain cleaning can remove the cause of the odor, thereby leaving your pipes smelling fresh.

Remove Organic Matter and Bacteria that Can Make Your Drains Smell Like Eggs

“contaminatedsink”Anybody who has ever smelled sulfur is familiar with the trademark rotten egg smell that it gives off, and if you’ve detected this odor in any of your drains, then hydrogen sulfide is the culprit. When certain bacteria break down some organic matter in your sewage system or pipes, they can create hydrogen sulfide as a by-product.

And this process can result in awful smells coming from your bathroom, kitchen, or utility sinks. When you clean your drains thoroughly, you’ll scrub away any organic matter, bacteria, or sulfur that’s built up in your pipes and get rid of the smell at the same time, but regular drain cleaning will be necessary to keep the stench at bay.

The most important step you can take to keep your drains smelling fresh and your home odor-free is regular drain cleaning because this will prevent the buildup of organic matter and bacteria that can cause odors, and stop musty-smelling mold from growing in your pipes. However, when you’re not sure of the cause, a professional plumber can help you identify and rectify the problem once and for all.