PlumbingTop Tips for Keeping Your Bathroom Fresh Past St. Patricks Day

Did St. Patricks Day fail you? Did you walk into a terrible bathroom that looked a lot more like a horror scene than somewhere you’d use the toilet? If you weren’t fortunate enough to find a four leaf clover on Saint Patty’s day then you may be in need of a bit of luck (Or perhaps a bit of toilet etiquette).

If your bathroom is looking a little worse for wear, fear not. At Torch Service Company we have a few tips and tricks that will keep your bathroom looking brand-new all year round, with the right bathroom plumbing practices.

The Importance of Toilet Cleaning

toiletcleaningBathrooms can be filled with eyesores. Particularly, if you forget to flush the toilet. But if you’re really looking to keep your toilet spotless, you’re going to have to do more than just remembering to flush.

A good multi-purpose cleaner, a damp rag, and a toilet bowl scrub are all you’ll need. Once you’ve scrubbed the inside of the bowl, it’s also important to remove any grime from underneath or behind the toilet where it can easily be trapped.

Also, be on the lookout for plumbing concerns like leaks, as this can create more than an unsightly issue – it can lead to mold growth too!

How to Avoid Unnecessary Repiping

disposingIf you’re wanting to avoid the expensive repair costs that come with repiping, then it’s imperative that you dispose of household items in the correct area: the trash can.

Even small items such as Q-tips or cotton balls should be disposed of correctly in order to prevent clogging. While an item may be marked as “flushable,” if it doesn’t break down easily it can create blockages in your toilet.

What starts off as a standard clogged toilet can lead to burst pipes and the need for pipe replacement. This is a common occurrence in bathrooms that are often occupied by young children. Be sure your bathroom has a trash can or small disposal bin within reach to avoid this simple mistake. Both your bathroom pipes and your bank account will thank you for it.

An Unfortunate Plumbing Emergency…

plumbingemergencyThere are a lot of ways a bathroom can become messy. But the worst – and grossest in our opinion – way to dirty up your bathroom is by not aiming correctly. And to avoid any unneeded metaphors or imagery, we’ll leave you with this pro-tip:

When it’s time for you to “go,” make sure you aim inside the toilet bowl. It’s common courtesy to keep toilets clean, and even if you’ve had your fair share of green beers, that doesn’t give you a pass to hope for the best. Whether the bathroom you’re occupying is public or private, the last thing you want to see is a mess.

So remember to be courteous when using the space and remember to #keepyouraim. You should enjoy your holiday worrying about the daily festivities and not about what mess is lurking in your restroom. But if you’re ever facing a plumbing emergency, give Torch Service Company a call at 918-358-6724. We’ll do the fixing so you don’t have to.