PlumbingWhy Protect Yourself with a Plumbing Permit?

May 18, 2018

Perhaps the most effective way of raising the value of your home while making it more enjoyable to live in is by performing a home renovation project. As an added bonus you feel an immense sense of joy and accomplishment upon completion. One important thing to realize, however, is you need permits before you can begin upgrading your home’s plumbing.

Receiving plumbing permits is a requirement for many home plumbing projects. They can also help protect homeowners. Here’s how pulling permits can be beneficial.

Expense of Obtaining Permits

“howmuchcost”Yes, you have to pay for plumbing permits, and different cities can have different prices depending on what kinds of tasks you plan to perform and what type of building you’re working on.

Normally a permit will cost between tens and hundreds of dollars. Cities may also add a charge for each fixture you wish to install or offer package-type deals, which charge extra for installing items beyond a certain threshold. In some cases, you might have to pay just to apply.

Permits for Large Projects

“whenpermit”Permits are needed for any project that makes major changes to a home’s plumbing. This commonly includes repiping, drain line replacements, sewer line replacements, water heater installations and any relocation of plumbing.

Performing minor tasks, such as replacing a tap, usually doesn’t require permission from the city. It’s also important to note different cities may serve different types of permits.

Some may require a permit to perform a particular task while others may not. It’s best you check with Owasso, OK municipal regulations to make sure you’re applying for the right ones.

Protecting Homeowners

“permitprotection”Permits can also protect homeowners and ensure the project proceeds without a hitch. After collecting the necessary permits, you’re granted access to municipal reviewers and inspectors from whom you need to gain approval to begin different phases of your project.

Their sole purpose is to ensure you comply with local plumbing codes and zoning laws. On top of that, plumbing permits can function as evidence you’re following sanitary and safety rules set out by the city. This may include potential setbacks with property regulations and neighboring buildings.

The penalty for working on a project without permission from the city in many cases is a fine. There might also be complications if you try to sell your home down the road. One more thing homeowners might want to consider is that without these permits you may unintentionally commence with a project without knowing if it meets code or minimum safety requirements.

Don’t go flying blind. If you’re interested in finding out more about permits, reach out to a local Owasso plumber for more information.