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Our expert Coweta HVAC heating & furnace repair technicians are licensed and insured, giving you peace of mind that the job will be done perfectly and at the highest standards. Hiring an HVAC service professional doesn’t have to break the bank- we offer flat-rate pricing to keep repairs cost-effective. Our team will give you honest recommendations on only the repairs you need. We also offer AC/Cooling and Plumbing Services in Coweta and the surrounding area.

Furnace Maintenance
Having your furnace inspected by a professional allows you to keep your furnace running optimally. We’ll inspect each element, ensuring there are no ruptures or leaks that could impact your home. A seasonal tune-up can help you save money on your energy bill and help you avoid dealing with a broken furnace.
Filter Replacement
You have a lot of things to worry about, and your filters should not be one of them. These are out of sight and out of mind but not out of consequence if you let them go too long. Let us keep up on your heating & furnace system so you can keep up on everything else.
Furnace Repair
Regardless of the problem, we will fully educate you on what sort of repairs are needed, and we’ll give you that flat-rate with no sneaky add-ons or extra costs.
24 Hour Emergency Furnace Services
Since 2009, Torch Service Company's heating & furnace professionals have been providing homeowners with fast and affordable 24-hour emergency service when they need it most.

Our Coweta, OK heating & furnace professionals can assist you with:

Heating & Furnace Installation
24 Hour Heating and Furnace Repair
Heat Pump Services
Filter Replacement
Ductless Mini Split Systems
Repair & Maintenance

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We pride ourselves on fast service and effective furnace repairs, and we don’t stop working when the clock strikes 5pm. A team of knowledgeable technicians is available for you after hours and weekends, to get the job done right away.

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