Crawl Space Plumbing Leaks

The Damaging Effects of Crawl Space Plumbing Failures

Unless a plumbing issue is extreme, a homeowner may only realize that their water or sewage is leaking into their crawl space once it’s been an issue for months or even years. If flooding or leaks are an issue in your home, schedule a consultation with a licensed plumber immediately.

A flooded crawl space can result in several damaging consequences, including damage to the rotting of structural wood components, destroyed insulation, rodent or pest infestations, and foul odors that rise into your home.

Crawl Space Leak Repair

Plumbing leaks can be repaired quickly enough, but the damage they cause can be extensive. Torch Service Company specializes in repairing leaks promptly and efficiently. Waiting too long to get these repairs done will cause even more severe issues — you may have to make structural repairs!

Tulsa Leak Repair in Basement and Crawl Space Environments

We specialize in crawl space and basement leak repair throughout Tulsa, Owasso, Broken Arrow, Sapulpa, and the surrounding areas. Our experienced plumbing professionals have a wide variety of high-quality products and the expertise to keep any crawl space or basement dry.

If you need crawl space leak repair, contact the leak repair experts of Torch Service Company today.

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Why Should I Care if my Crawl Space is Flooding?

Because homeowners don’t spend much time in their crawl spaces, they may be unaware of the mold and mildew that can accumulate there. However, they need to keep this area dry, as wetness can cause several issues.

A leaking crawl space can damage the rest of your house. There are several ways that groundwater flooding or a crawl space leak can affect your home:

Damage Structural Wood

Structural wood exposed to moisture for an extended period is vulnerable to mold, rot and decay. If you notice sagging floors, jammed doors, musty smells and cracks in the drywall in your home, you may have structurally damaged wood.

Sealing the crawl space and installing jacks are great ways to start correcting this type of damage. Contractors can often conduct a complete repair in less than a day.

Water Damage to Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass insulation readily absorbs moisture, even if there is just a small plumbing leak. If this happens, the insulation loses its effectiveness.

If fiberglass insulation has been exposed to moisture, it should be entirely removed. Install waterproof insulation in the crawl space for energy efficiency and protect your home.

Leaky Pipes Can Be a Magnet for Rodents and Pests

Leaky plumbing provides a comfortable living space for rodents and bugs to live, breed and die within your home. Moisture-damaged wood becomes the food for termites, carpenter ants and a variety of other insects that may begin to infest your home.

Sealing, drying and dehumidifying your crawl space can keep pests and rodents out of your home.

Bad Smells Coming from Your Home

Foul odors in your crawl space can quickly make their way into your living space. This air can also bring health-threatening mold spores, dust mite waste, and other allergens to your living areas.

Sealing your crawl space with plastic liners and installing a dehumidifier with an air filter will help protect you from mold and allergens by maintaining a dry area.

Sewage Leaks in a Crawl Space

Sewage backups into your crawl space can turn your home into a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and particles that can travel upwards into your living spaces and threaten your and your family’s health. They can be caused by small pipe leaks, corroded pipes or several other issues. 

Contact Torch Service Company for 24/7 emergency plumbing service. Our qualified and experienced plumbers will completely and quickly repair any crawl space sewage leak. 

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When you schedule a consultation for plumbing crawl space repair with Torch Service Company, a licensed plumber will thoroughly assess the situation and provide a comprehensive explanation about the current issues. We’ll also recommend repair options and a time frame for completing the work. We provide a range of crawl space plumbing solutions that can be customized to your needs.

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