Bathroom Remodeling Services in Tulsa

Make your bathroom a place to unwind. Call us for professional bathroom remodeling services!

Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your home. It is a necessary part of your daily life. Your family relies on a working toilet, shower, bathtub and sink. Imagine a day where you don’t have access to your bathroom, especially if you only have one! Your bathroom shouldn’t have to be stressful for you, it should be a place of zen. Torch Service Company in Tulsa, OK can help you achieve your dream bathroom.
Our expert technicians can assist you with getting your bathroom up and running. Best of all we can make modern, efficient additions to your space to save you money and time without compromising aesthetics. Your restroom will not only look good, it will also function great!

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When to Replace Your Bathtub

Your bathtub is a great place to unwind after a long day but leaks, mold, cracks, and other problems can make your tub inaccessible. If this is a problem you’re having, it may be time to schedule a bathtub replacement. Your tub should work for you. If you notice any of these signs, give us a call:
CHIPS: Tiny chips can turn into big cracks easily, causing leaks and water damage.
LEAKS: Leaks can become a huge issue. A leaky tub could cause damage to flooring, walls, and more.
MOLD: A moldy tub is not only gross, it can affect your health. Mold can cause a host of complications and can be difficult to clean.
STAINS: Most stains can be cleaned using tub cleaners. However, if your stains stick around after a scrub down, it may be time to replace.
LACK OF COMFORT/ACCESSIBILITY: If it’s hard to get out of your tub, you’re susceptible to slipping and falling. If you’re looking for accessible options, we can help.

Bathroom Remodeling Services Near You

Look no further - Torch covers a lot of ground. If you live in or around any of these areas, a brand new, modern bathroom is just a phone call away.
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Professional Shower Installation

The plumbing specialists at Torch Service Company provide professional showerhead repair and shower installation services including leaky shower repair, unclogging drains, replacement, and more. We can give your bathroom a modern update with an expert bathroom renovation service. We provide these services for Tulsa residents at competitive prices.

Not only will a new shower update your restroom, but it can also help save you money with new, efficient, eco-friendly systems. Whether you’re looking for a new system or looking to fix a problem with an existing one, our team of experts can help. We offer a wide array of fixtures or can assist you with installing a pre-purchased one. Whatever your needs, we can help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams.