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Gas Line Services in Tulsa

Affordable and safe gas line repair and installation services in Tulsa.

You deserve to feel safe in your Tulsa, OK home – and part of that safety comes from knowing that your gas line is in top-notch condition. With the help of a professional gas line contractor, you can optimize the safety of your home with a complete gas pipe installation, helping to minimize the risk of a gas pipe leak emergency.

Since 2009, Torch Service Company has been providing high-quality gas pipe repair services and gas pipe installations for homeowners in Tulsa and the surrounding communities. Our trusted and licensed technicians are available 24/7 for gas line repair emergencies, and strive to complete all gas pipe installation and replacement jobs safely and affordably.

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How Do You Know When to Repair or Replace Your Gas Line?

As with most plumbing fixtures, the normal wear-and-tear of your gas line is normal over time. If you notice a weakening of the joints on your gas line, a gas line related emergency may be just around the corner. This is why we recommend a regular inspection of your gas line, so that a professional gas line contractor can determine where on your gas line is in need of repair. Often, leaks, can be detected early on by a professional plumber, before there is any major damage to your home or your health.

Gas Line Services Near You

Look no further - Torch covers a lot of ground. If you live in or around any of these areas, then we can take your emergency off of your hands:
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What Are Common Signs of a Gas Leak?

For many homeowners, a gas leak can only be detected once equipped with the proper information on warning signs. The most common sign is the unmistakable smell of rotten eggs, or a smell that some associate with petroleum. Another sign is discolored or dying vegetation on your lawn. The last, but another common sign, is an odd hissing sound coming from the area of the leak on the gas pipe.