PlumbingFollow These Steps for Better Plumbing

July 23, 2018

Like many of your Owasso, OK home’s components, a little preventative maintenance goes a long way. When it comes to your plumbing, adopting good habits and being proactive can prolong your plumbing system’s lifespan and greatly reduce the likelihood of needing repairs.
These tips don’t take a whole lot of time to execute, but the benefits from this routine are substantial. Here are the best tips:

Adhere to Local Requirements

“localrequirements”Good for you for tackling DIY plumbing jobs, but when you do make sure that your work is up to code. That means filing the necessary paperwork and following local requirements.

Standards are in place to prevent damage to your home. It is even more important to be up to standard if you are considering selling your home at some point.

There could also be liability issues if you don’t follow the proper channels.

Hair Traps

“haircleaner”One of the biggest culprits behind clogged drains is when hair gets trapped. It’s hard to keep hair from going down your shower drain or sink drain unless you have something in the way to block it.

Putting in a hair trap will collect that hair before it has a chance to get into the plumbing. You simply take it out and clear the hair out on a regular basis.

This device is even more useful if you have several family members sharing a bathroom.

Right Water Pressure is Important

“balancedwaterpressure”You should check your water pressure regularly. If water pressure is too low, you can’t get a good lather going in the shower, and it takes forever to pour a glass of water.

However, if the pressure is too high, then the force of the water will cause your plumbing to weaken. When that happens, you tend to spring plumbing leaks, which can be costly to repair.

Ideally, your water pressure should be between 45-65 psi, which gives you the balance of good flow, while protecting your plumbing.

Drain Cleaning

“cleandrains”Have you ever had a professional drain cleaning? This can be a great way to keep water flowing and clogs from forming.

Regular cleaning is especially important if you have a great deal of sediment or minerals in your water, which will cause clog-forming buildup and corrosion in your pipes.

It won’t take long before you see significant improvements in your plumbing by merely following these steps on a regular basis.